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Customer-Centric means we focus on quality cable builds, personalized service, and quick turnaround to deliver a world class experience.

Supplying Exactly What You Need

As experts in custom fiber configurations, we tailor to your build specs, labeling, and drop-shipping requirements.

Technology Solutions that Produce Accurate and Consistent Cable Builds

Our PerfectBildTM software platform quotes accurate part numbers, descriptions, and pricing to get the right products into your hands every time.

Same Day Shipping on Most Orders

We’re obsessed with stocking fiber jumpers from 1 to 30 meters, yielding an 80% fill rate on most orders.

Why Choose FCM


✓ Dedicated Support Teams
✓ Collaborative Decision Making
✓ Inventive Solutions
✓ Always Thinking Outside the Box


✓ Extremely responsive
✓ Provide quotes w/ease
✓ Blind-drop shipping
✓ Private label solutions


✓ Cutting edge systems innovation
✓ Invest in best-in-class software
✓ PerfectBild™ quoting software
✓ Continually improving efficiency


✓ 20+ years in the business
✓ Experts in industry knowledge
✓ Clients are our Partners
✓ Passionate about the industry
Juan S. - NIT Corp
We use FCM’s massive fiber cable stock as an extension of our inventory and have reduced our capital expenditures significantly.  They are reliable and trustworthy, and we confidently use them for all our blind drop shipments to our installer customers.
Ken M. – NCC.
Because we tailor-build all our fiber cable lengths and jacket colors, FCM made complete sense.  Their precision in custom fiber assemblies is unmatched, and combined with excellent pricing and lead times, they were the only choice.
Jaime C. - Network Integrator
Though we never sold fiber in the past, a customer request led us to inquire with FCM on supplying these cables. Within days, we were setup with our own custom quoting platform - we now sell fiber jumpers at solid margins without incurring any additional costs or overhead.

Case Study #1

Dual Compatibility DACs and AOCs

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Our client was handling a deployment for a customer that used hardware from various manufacturers such as HP and Juniper in their network design. To connect these different switches at the rack, they needed a Direct Attach Cable solution that would be able to bridge and avoid compatibility issues.


FCM’s custom optics and cable lab designed and coded DACs and AOCs that provided dual compatibility on a single cable. By coding each end to each specific manufacturer’s needs, we were able to bridge the gap seamlessly and save our customer considerable time and money. Additionally, using our rugged test bench, we were able to test on each manufacturer’s equipment for compatibility before the product made it out to the customer’s site, saving them time and headaches. The cables arrived at the end user site and the different branded switches identified them immediately. They simply worked, and sometimes, that’s all that’s needed to win the day

Case Study #2

Custom Labeling Requirements

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Our client’s end user required a novel, accurate custom labeling solution for a large-scale deployment at one of their data centers. They were fed up with the common “flag style” labels that are cumbersome to read at the patch panel and tend to fall off and get damaged. So, they challenged us to come up with something better


FCM devised a color-coded and organized labeling scheme that met the network engineer’s requirements for large strings of text in a small amount of space. By re-designing our wrap around labels, and choosing industrial fonts for legibility and space considerations, we kept the cable footprint tight while maintaining legibility. We proposed a new label that worked within a space of 2cm, which included rack/port numbers as well as other information. Once the concept was prototyped and approved, we were able to quickly label each individual cable assembly, packaging them in strategic bundles that would be easy to unbox and install in a specific order. This took all the guesswork out of the installation, and saved the engineers on the ground an incredible amount of effort, ensuring a smooth and frictionless deployment. We eliminated human error and manual labeling at the job site while maintaining an elegant and legible cable profile. As a result, we became the go-to cable supplier for these types of challenging projects for them moving forward

Case Study #3

Telco Customer Quick Turnaround Service Provider Client

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Our client’s customer is a large telecom service provider with ongoing expansion projects. When they require custom length cables, they demand extreme time sensitivity to turn around installs


FCM’s fast build-to-order process enables our team to accurately create custom cable assemblies (down to the millimeter), and immediately pass along build specs to production. That allows us to gain a critical advantage when it comes to lead times so our customers can succeed within their project deadlines. We pride ourselves in knowing that many a time, we’ve rushed to expedite and saved our clients in the 11th hour, when critical materials were needed most.

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