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Our exclusive PerfectBildTM software platform enables customers to custom design, build, and quote any of our fiber products in minutes, reducing purchasing mistakes. All assemblies can be shipped worldwide, on your own account and with private labeling or blind shipment services.


FCM is one of the largest stocking facilities of fiber optic jumpers from 1 to 30 meters on the Eastern seaboard.  With more than 1,000+ available SKUs, FCM provides reliable, cost-effective fiber optic solutions to various industries worldwide. Whether building custom fiber jumper solutions for data centers in India or quickly shipping hundreds of copper cables to US telecommunications companies, we have the capabilities to meet the needs of the most challenging projects and applications.
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Fiber & Component Manufacturing
13727 SW 152nd St. #127, Miami, FL 33177 USA
Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am-6pm EST

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