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Attack the Slack at the Rack

When designing and building a data center, engineers and designers are constantly up against constraints at every level: space, thermal, and budgetary. Perfectly designing a cable strategy is not only the right thing to do, it saves space by eliminating ugly slack at the end of your racks, it saves money (by incurring costs for the exactly what’s needed), and it increases the thermal efficiency of the data center operation by improving airflow within racks.

Let’s face it, nobody likes to see a rat’s nest of cables. It’s not only embarrassing to look at, it’s downright ugly. It makes making upgrades a pain, and it bogs down an otherwise efficient data center operation. On the flipside, a beautifully managed cable strategy can not only look clean, it helps the overall operation run efficiently and sets the tone for organization at every level. With every run designed to end exactly where it needs to, it can make cable installation and management an absolute joy and alleviates the workload on the installers.

Additionally, we all know how important good airflow and thermal efficiency any data center operation is. Clean racks keep air flowing and are substantially easier to cool. They reduce operating costs and minimizing electricity and HVAC system maintenance. And it adds up: a simple decision to implement a cable management strategy at the rack level can impact an entire operation at the macro scale, year over year.

After 20 years in the business of manufacturing high-quality cable assemblies for our customers, we understand that time is just as important as money when a critical network installation is being held up by the cables. Overcoming budgetary and time constraints associated with making adds, moves or changes to their data centers can be absolutely mission critical. That’s why we have worked hard to develop an easier, more cost-effective way to offer custom cable assemblies, at the same price as our regular in-stock cables. Our online configurator tool ( allows our customers to build the cables they need in minutes. Exact specifications, instant pricing, lead times, and no mistakes made during procurement.

FCM Fiber Configurator

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